The unveiling: Single is the New Black…

And so it all begins. I set the wheels in motion to get Jill Wakeford Presents started and the very first singles event has been planned. Venue booked, advertising done and social media abuzz with updates on the countdown.

I chose the very snazzy and popular venue, The Old Tramways Building, to have the debut at. Only the best right!! Scouted around for a suitable caterer, which led me to delightful Charlotte from Manna Delights and Harold, the chef behind Supper Club. The two joined forces, which led to the most amazing culinary delights for my guests. My interior coordinator and I were constantly in touch with ideas on the décor. I had so many ideas they were pouring out of my ears. Donations of various goodies were donated, and those would serve as prizes for guests. The bookings started coming in and it got very, very real. EEEK!
THE BIG DAY IS HERE!! I was so ready for it. I have been planning and working on this for ages, and it was time to test the waters. This was a massive thing for both myself and P.E. The venue looked spectacular and pretty soon the first guests would start arriving. Now the nerves started creeping in. “What if they hate it?” “What if they don’t have a good time?” It soon got busy and I had to kick those nerves to the kerb sharpish as 60 to 70 guests all made their way up the red carpet to my Singles Soirée. The rest of the night was delicious madness. I never stopped smiling as I saw the success of the evening unfold right before my eyes. I got to speak to each and every one of the guests and pretty much everyone said how much they were enjoying themselves, loved the idea and that they hope there would be many more of these types of events. Well… I was in the clouds. What better encouragement can you get?

I was on the high of my life at the end of the night. There was nothing I would have wished to be different. I was so proud of P.E singles. Attending an event like that is very scary as its brand spanking new and you don’t know what to expect from a “SINGLES” party. They all very quickly saw that it was just a normal party with the only difference being that everyone there were single just like them.
After that night I knew it was the start of a fantastic venture for myself and Port Elizabeth.

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