Meet Your Host

Your host, Jill Wakeford, a P.E connoisseur, singles enthusiast and after much enjoyment from being a contestant on Come Dine With Me SA, discovered her true love of entertaining and organising events. “It’s singles events in particular that I am passionate about. Being single, especially in PE, can be very hard. And sometimes you just want to hang out with other singles and not feel like a spare wheel with your married or attached friends.”

Having spent a few years overseas and attending a variety of singles events herself, Jill realised that PE was in dire need of such an avenue for the single scene and wanted to inject some international flavour. “I want to create a comfortable, classy and fun platform for singles to be themselves and meet other singles in a stress free and safe environment. Guests must feel free to mingle and chat if they want to. There is never any pressure to do anything. These events are for my guests, and it’s always up to them how much or how little they want to interact. And of course I am always on hand to make sure everyone is happy.”

For any questions or enquiries, you can contact Jill directly on [email protected]